We can all agree that this weather is, in fact, pretty miserable (unless you’re one of those winter weather lovers). In all seriousness though, winter can be miserable, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe needs to match by being drab and boring. When you DO (see what we did there?) finally muster up the courage to venture out into the arctic front, we want you to look as fresh as possible. Revamp your winter wardrobe with some new threads and accessories from Twice Found!


Twice Found is an upscale consignment shop located on the 300 block of North Queen Street in downtown Lancaster, offering high quality treasures for any look you’re striving for. Let’s set aside your online shopping addiction and get your hands on some tangible products that you will absolutely fall in love with. Don’t you guys miss the rush of combing through a hefty rack of straight treasures? I know we do! We spend so much time electronically hoarding inspirational looks on our various Pinterest boards without actually putting those trends on.

Twice Found is located in an optimal location, right near Perkup & Co., as well as the delectable Onions Cafe—so why not make an afternoon out of it? Grab a delicious coffee at Perkup & Co.—which just so happens to be the only spot in Lancaster where you can find brewed Little Amps coffee and espresso—and jump start your shopping gears, shop your little heart out, then refuel at Onions Cafe. Boom!


With Fete en Noire quickly approaching, you need an outfit that will set you apart from all of the other attendees. Find the look you envision at this upscale boutique which will no doubt supply the perfect dress/stiletto combo.

Don’t miss out on these killer threads with unbeatable prices. Stay tuned for Spring attire in the upcoming months. At Twice Found, second chances never looked so good!


Twice Found, LLC

309-311 North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA, 17603

(717) 208-7624