When I crush, I crush hard. Lately, I’m crushing on that ever-popular, quasi-meal we like to call Brunch. What a supremely, delicious idea to sleep in a little later, knowing you can skip breakfast and head to straight for brunch! It seems Lancaster is crushing on brunch right along with me, as more and more restaurants are offering tantalizing brunch menus that cover the savory, the sweet, the caffeinated and the bubbly! Lancastrians like myself are gleefully rolling out of bed, herding out of church and heading for their favorite brunch spots on Sundays! Who can blame us? There is something so decadent and relaxing about this meal. Maybe its the idea of multi-tasking and getting two meals covered in one sitting, but I just tend to enjoy my brunch more intentionally and less hurriedly than most other meals. You can brunch with your sweetheart, your girlfriends, your kids, or all by yourself, and it always feels special and luxurious!

Lately, my Brunch haven has been found at POUR on Prince. From the exposed brick walls, to the colorful upstairs art gallery, the Vibe of POUR lends itself perfectly to the occasion of Brunch! I was already a fan of POUR for dinner double dates and and girls night’s out, but on Mother’s Day when I brought my mom for her first POUR experience, I became hooked on the way POUR does BRUNCH too!


Although that first visit was a special occasion, I have come to expect that EVERY brunch I have at POUR is treated with the same sense of significance. The atmosphere is always cool and inviting, never rushed. The staff are always friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to answer questions, make suggestions and entertain indecisiveness. The brunch menu at POUR is diverse and exciting with new twists on your favorite brunch standbys: You’ll likely find pancakes, french toast, eggs & hash but each item is dressed in its Sunday finest looking far better than you are used to and packing a punch of flavor that keeps you coming back for more! Since my amazing Mother’s Day brunch experience last spring, I have found many occasions to revisit POUR for brunch.


I admit that my first visit back, I was on a mission to wrap my lips around the ever-illusive candied egg-yolk that first blew my brunching mind! This invention of head chef, Anthony Davis, is (in my humble opinion) the epitome of an egg oxymoron, it is simple and complex in it’s texture and flavor and one of my new favorite things! The candied egg yolk isn’t always on the brunch menu, but if you talk to Anthony, you’ll pick up on his reverence for eggs as a brunch entity that shows in many of the other dishes. I’ve been blissfully working my way through the brunch menu at POUR (which just changed again with the temperatures) and have yet to be disappointed!

This Sunday, give your coffee pot a rest, let your kitchen stay clean, grab some people you adore and head out to brunch in the little city! If you choose POUR as your destination this weekend, maybe I’ll see you there! I’m bringing the girls from work to see what all the Lancaster brunch hubbub is about! Cheers!