Let’s be honest, New Year’s resolutions are a little cliché, don’t you think? If we want to go full force into bettering our lives, why not start any old day of the year? It’ll never be the perfect day to change, so why not just go for it, right now? Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s discuss some different New Year’s resolutions to strive for in 2018.

Perfect your selfie game.

Instagram is on a whole new level with selfies, so why not up your game in 2018? Show off that pretty little mug, y’all. Hit up The Candy Factory in Lancaster for some epic selfie spots (plus, you can grab a $10 day pass for some solid coworking action).


Push for more diversity.

Let’s desperately hope that Idris Elba actually takes on the role of James Bond. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to watch that?

Successfully speak GIF (it’s pronounced ‘jiff’ btw, just so we’re all on the same page for 2018).

We all know those particular people in your life that just always seem to find the most absolute perfect gif. BE THAT PERSON. Visit the holy grail of gifs at giphy.com.


Try something new.

Try literally anything that is out of your normal routine (that’s obviously safe). Try out for a show role at the Ephrata Performing Arts Center or order something other than “the usual” at your favorite downtown restaurant if you wanna get extra wild.

Successfully turn off social media notifications.

We are glued to our phones every second of every day. It’s like we’re addicted to those “likes” popping up on our lock screen. By eliminating that incessant buzzing, we don’t have to constantly check our phone and idk…live life?!

Be independent by traveling, going to the cinema, grabbing a fancy dinner or attending a concert, ALONE.

Take a day trip somewhere, even if it’s just to York or Harrisburg. Go see a movie (HMAC in Harrisburg and Zoetropolis Art House are perfect and locally owned). Buy yourself some dinner at a fancy restaurant (you don’t have to be a cheap date when you date yourself). Check out the Chameleon Club and other local venues for upcoming concerts, and go! Just. Freaking. GO.

Say “no” more often.

If someone wants to go out with you and you really just don’t want to, say no. It’s quite okay to get some much-needed R&R. To be honest, just stop hanging with people that you don’t want to hang with, or going out when you don’t want to go out, or literally doing anything that you don’t want to do. Do what makes you happy. Treat yourself to Spotify Premium instead, crank those tunes, and chill. For real, chill out.

Stop reading the negative comments Facebook, YouTube or any other social platform.

Don’t fall down the rabbit hole of negativity if you don’t absolutely have to but go buck-wild on that positive feedback though.

Do something nice for someone.

Can everyone just start being nicer in 2018? That’d be super rad.

Never make another New Year’s resolution again.

Like we said in the beginning, you can change any day, at any time. Don’t wait until the ball to drop to be your best self. Start on a random Tuesday at 1:28 pm..


You’re going to kick ass in 2018. Just believe in yourself. This year can’t be any worse than the year we had in 2017… am i right?