According to a National Geographic article, “our human footprint doesn’t end after we buy and consume things; the final product impact occurs when we discard items and we Americans discard four-fifths of a ton of trash per person, per year.”

Wow. Take a sec and read that again.

Let Spring of 2018 be your year of renewal. Let it be the year you commit to wasting less and conserving more. How, you ask? There are quite a few ways, actually.


Buy non-packaged produce

Make a commitment to stop buying bags of salad, or pre-sliced mushrooms packaged in tons of plastic. Central Market is open three days a week as well as various other farmer’s markets in the region. If you work downtown, plan on spending your lunch break once a week at Central Market to pick through fresh, locally grown produce. Bring a backpack or a tote bag to put everything in. When buying eggs, bring in your used egg container. Purchase your weekly milk from Maplehofe Dairy in their reusable glass containers. Buy the beeswax wraps from Lemon Street Market (or make your own) for cheeses from various vendors.

Opt for glass containers

You can thrift tons of glass storage containers with glass, metal, or wood lids for your fridge and pantry rather than plastic. If you want to go for something fancier and support a local business, visit Mise en Place. This commitment also includes opting for, as an example, the glass bottle of olive oil rather than the plastic option.


Get a damn bike

What are you waiting for? Stop whining about walking everywhere and bike instead. The Common Wheel is a great place to start. If you are in an area with access to buses, subways or trains, transition to public transportation more often.


Eat fewer animal products

The reality is, consuming meat and other animal products drastically affect the environment in a negative way. Consuming fewer animal products can single-handedly be the best thing you can do for the environment. Try “Meatless Mondays” or cutting dairy here and there.


Buy recyclable products

 Try purchasing recyclable toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags and other products. Look for products that are sustainable, compostable or are made from recycled materials.


Obviously, recycle.

If you can recycle or even compost, that would be dope. The environment thanks you kindly.

We are just touching the surface of ways you can transition to a sustainable lifestyle as there are so many ways you can make an impact. We are aware that not everyone has the resources or income to be able to buy these products but if you can make baby steps, that’s fantastic. The reality is, the environment needs some for real TLC and we need to step up and take care of it. Imagine a world without a rainforest, polar bears, lightning bugs, flowers, fish. It’s comforting knowing that there is a vast, beautiful world out there for us to explore but one day, that might not be the case. All it takes is the promise to yourself to try harder.