Opening Spring ArtWalk weekend, on May 5th Red Raven Art Company will host a new show titled Lancaster, A Love Letter. The show will feature work by local woodburner and painter Jenny Germann.  Germann will exhibit many of her unique burnings/painting on wood throughout the month of May. The exhibition will focus on a variety of Germann’s favorite locations and experiences in Lancaster—including work featuring the recent vigils and protests taking place around the city.

Most of Germann’s work is created through woodburning.  She uses torches and pyrography machines to capture her vision and to create distinct line qualities on wood. By using a this method, she is able to create imagery, texture, and depth in her work by burning directly into the wood.  After the woodburning is finished, she adds evocative color with inks, watercolor, or acrylic.

“My work is based on locations that hold significance in my life. I use landscapes and portraits to convey experiences, often drawing influence from my daily observations while living in Lancaster City.”

Germann lives and works in Lancaster PA.  She earned her BFA from the University of Kansas and an MS from Eastern University.  She is married to local cabinetmaker/furniture designer Evan Germann and together, they have 2 dogs.



What: Jenny Germann – woodburner and painter (

What: Feature art exhibition, Lancaster, A Love Letter

When: Opening May 5th,  show will be up through May 31, 2017

Where: Red Raven Art Company, downtown Lancaster


For more images / information, contact:

Jenny Germann – 717.283.6543 /