As the season changes so does the drink menu here at TTDLanc. We’ve put away the gin and tonics and margaritas and salt and are now turning our attention to some tasty bourbons and whiskeys. Even though we do drink whisky all year round we love it even more as the outside temperature cools.

To fill us in on drinks worthy of our pallets for this time of year TTDLanc has a resident whiskey spirit guide. First up is Booker’s Bourbon.


Booker’s is bourbon as Booker Noe intended it: uncut with water (so it’s 64.45% ABV!) and unfiltered which offers a fuller-bodied whiskey. Reputedly this bourbon is selected from American oak barrels on the fifth and sixth floors of the nine-story rackhouse, the “sweet spot” of the warehouse per Booker Noe, the whiskey’s namesake and Jim Beam’s grandson. There the temperature helps the spirit to extract the most favor from the wood itself. It is indeed a most flavorful bourbon.

If you are patient with your whiskey, the flavors and aromas can provide for both enjoyment and appreciation.

At 64.45% ABV (other batches will vary), nose this one carefully! You will want to add water to the whiskey to take off the “nose prickle.” In time you may get aromas of spearmint, creamy vanilla, cinnamon baked goods, a whiff of Old Spice aftershave, light sawdust and other recondite aromas.

In the mouth it full bodied with bourbon quintessential flavors of intense sweetness, spice, and drying oak. The considerable oak influence gives way to a minty finish. Be sure to add enough water to nose and taste with comfort.