Go for a hike.

There are a ton of local wooded areas to explore in Central PA. Landis Woods, Lancaster County Park, or even traveling to Tucquan Glen is a perfect way to get some Vitamin D in the brisk winter air. 

Breakfast for dinner.

Even if it’s just cereal and fruit, serve your milk in a fancy pitcher and your cereal in big fancy bowls. Make overnight french toast in a pan and pop that sucker in the oven so you have some time to make out with each other before you dig in.

Take a bath together.

Make a DIY bath soak by adding some green tea bags and essential oils to your tub as you fill it up. Light some candles, dim those lights, and play some sexy music.

Cook a meal.

Especially if you don’t usually cook, the perfect way to surprise your partner is by cooking for them. It doesn’t even have to be complicated. Spaghetti, a toasted baguette, and their favorite wine is perfect enough. The Thug Kitchen Cookbook has some fantastic vegan recipes if you’re a veg head like us. 

Create something.

Get a canvas and some paint, or some magazines and glue, and go to town! Create a collaborative painting or a collage together. You’ll have something tangible to hang on the wall to remind the both of you of your special time spent together!

Get a pet sitter or a babysitter.

Get some freakin’ alone time! You deserve it.


Let’s get weird this Valentine’s Day.